Basic Literacy Library Suggestions and Selected Book Descriptions

This is not a complete list, but a sampling of the resources available in the Council's library.



The Phonics Game: Uses card games supported by a video, audio tapes, and a playbook to improve reading skills and increase skill levels in spelling, pronunciation, and comprehension.

Power Vocabulary 1--Basic Word Strategies for Adults: Vocabulary development strategies such as context clues, scanning sentences, and using antonyms and synonyms.

Lifelong Reading--A Basic Course 1: Phonics and life experience approaches to learning.

Beginning Writers Manual: This 128-page paperback manual contains Spelling Checker, Spelling Rules, Grammar Rules, Punctuation, and Capitalization Rules, Letter Forms, Writing Process, and Story Starters.

Why Not? Touching and handling materials benefits most students. This game consists of sturdy, slightly magnetized alphabet squares.

World of Vocabulary: Offers effective alternatives to traditional vocabulary programs. Short, high-interest articles contain all new words for each lesson.



Our Century: Magazines focus on events of a decade with lively narratives and photographs. We have 1950-60, 1960-70, and 1970-80.



State to State Game: This game is in the form of a puzzle map of the United States. Its magnetized states cling to the game board.



Working Makes Sense: Enables students to acquire and practice skills using fractions, percents, and amounts over $100, while they learn about employment, banking, and budgeting.



The Working Experience: Written at a low-beginning reading level, presents short selections on the theme of work. Pre-reading activities and follow up exercises reinforce learning.



Studying for a Driver's License: Contains lessons about traffic laws and information useful to students preparing to tale the test for a driver's license.



Tips at Your Fingertips: This is an excellent resource of research-based lessons adapted from the International Reading Association's publication, Journal of Reading. It was originally created to provide adult literacy tutors with a resource that incorporated the latest research on how adults learn to read and write.



Helping Your Child: A Series containing activities to do with your child to foster knowledge and good habits in several areas. Titles include Be Healthy and Fit, Learn to Read, Get Ready for School, Succeed in School, and Learn Science.



Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties: Tutors can use the materials in the appendices to build their own diagnostic kits.



Other Peoples' Words: This compelling case study reports the work done with an Appalachian family living in Chicago. Urban Appalachian children make up the minority with the highest dropout and absentee rates. They have as much to learn about the culture of literacy as about written language.



Good News New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs: Written in everyday English. Easy to read in extra large print. Includes a word list, chronology, and maps.



Gypsy in the Holy Spirit: Council student Bobby Joe Small has written his life story.



New Readers Speaking Out: New Readers Press publication written for and by new readers.

The Sundown Fiction Collection: Offers well-developed characters, realistic situations, and believable plot developments. From this collection we now have A Dream with Storms, Happy Hour, and Lady in Pink. Each is accompanied by a read-along tape.

That Man: A train trip takes Belle and Judd to the heart of a criminal plot that leads to mystery, danger, and romance. This mystery, popular with new readers, is a reading level 3. Comes with read-along tape.

Fastback Mysteries: Eight exciting, fast-paced, super-short novels (just 32 pages each) are at reading level 4.5. Titles include No Witnesses, The Blind Alley, and Snowbound.

Lifetimes: A series of books by Tana Reiff. High interest/low reading level (1.8-2.9). Realistic situations such as returning to school, dealing with alcoholism, and choosing between family and career.

On Their Own: A series of three books about athletes who excel in solo sports (speed skiing, canoeing in white water rapids, and long distance swimming). Skillbook 3/4 level.

Five-Minute Thrillers: Accompanied by book-on-tape cassettes. Each mystery takes about five minutes to read.

Viewpoints: Contains 25 appealing nonfiction pieces, works by famous and lesser-known authors: Martin Luther King, Bill Cosby, and Shirley Jackson are among them. Contains pre-reading and post-reading activities and features controlled readability for developing readers.

Expressions: A collection of stories and poems by authors like Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Bishop, and John Updike. Contains pre-reading and post-reading activities and features controlled readability for developing readers.

Timeless Tables: A series of traditional stories from around the world. Has a cassette for each of four books.

True Stories: Human interest stories adapted from newspapers and magazines. Includes True Stories in the News, More True Stories-A Beginning Reader, and Even More True Stories-An Intermediate Reader.

Winners Series: About Olympic Games winners at reading level 2-4.

Headlines of the Century, 1910-1919: Focuses on individuals in the news, like Mata Hari and the Red Baron.

Great Heroes: Deals with inspiring figures like Mother Teresa, Evonne Goolagong, and Archbishop Oscar Romero at reading levels 2-4. Others at this reading level are Great Adventures and Winners, Congressional Medal of Honor.

Worktales: Series reading level is 1.8-2.9 Each novella deals with real issues in the workplace.



I Wanna Be the Kinda Father My Mother Was: Poems by Omanii Abdulla. This award-winning collection of 21 poems speaks directly to the African American male experience. Reading level 3-5. Has read-along tape.



The Call of the Wild: Jack London's classic novel abridged and adapted to a 3-4 reading level.

More Than a Job: Contains a variety of reading selections (including short stories, newspaper articles, poems) on the subject of work and society. Accompanied by a read-along tape.

The Orange Grove and Other Stories/The Kite Flyer and Other Stories: These two collections contain stories about adult characters from Afghanistan, Mexico, Ethiopia, etc.