Literacy Council Resource Library

The Literacy Councilís Resource Library is located in the Councilís office in Falls Church (2855 Annandale Road). The specialized collection is geared to meet the needs of students and tutors in both the Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language programs.

Tutors and other members of the Literacy Council are welcome to borrow books and other materials from the library. The standard loan period is two months from the date borrowed. If materials are needed longer than two months, as they often are, borrowers can renew in person or by phone.

The library is open during Council office hours. Borrowers are responsible for checking out the materials they wish to use and returning or renewing them when they are due. Tutors are responsible for books checked out by their students or in the tutorís name for a student. Directions (see below) for how to borrow library materials are displayed on top of the card catalog, located directly across from the receptionistís desk.

How to Use the Library

To Borrow Books

In each book, write the date due on the date due slip pasted in the book. The date due is two months from the date borrowed. A book borrowed on 8/15/00, for example, is due 10/15/00.

Next, remove the circulation card from the book pocket. Write the date due (month, day, year), your name, and your telephone number on the card.

Place the card in the Circulation Cards box located on top of the card catalog.

To Return Books

Place books in the Book Return box located on top of the card catalog.

If it is difficult for you to return books in person, consider returning them by mail at the inexpensive book rate.

To Renew Books

In person: Fill out library renewal forms for items you wish to renew. A supply of renewal forms is kept next to the Circulation Cards box on top of the card catalog.

By phone: Call the Council office at (703) 237-0866 and provide the information noted below for each renewal item.

Whether renewing books in person or by phone, you will need to provide your name and the following information about each item you wish to renew:

title of book

call number

copy number

date due

new due date (two months from date of renewal)

Make the new due date two months from the date of renewal. So that you have a record of your new due date, be sure to mark the new date due in each renewed item. You can renew items as often as you wish.

Tip: You will find the information you need on the book pocket and date due slip located inside the back cover of books.