Basic Program

Personal Learning Goals


For reference only—Please do not return this list with your quarterly report.


1. Read and write own name, address, and phone number

2. Read and write all letters of the alphabet

3. Read and write number words up to 50

4. Determine correct change in purchasing transactions

5. Understand and use of table of contents

6. Record and write simple telephone message

7. Read and write notes to and from child's school

8. Write short personal note to friend

9. Read a calendar

10. Read labels/directions on medicine bottles

11. Write a shopping list

12. Read a menu

13. Read books to children

14. Write out checks or money orders

15. Alphabetize words with three of the letters the same, in order to use telephone book or dictionary

16. Find name in telephone book

17. Use the dictionary to find out what a word means

18. Fill out a job application or medical form

19. Read the prices of items in ads to determine best buys

20. Read and interpret food labels

21. Read job ads

22. Read and write cursive

23. Write appointments on calendar

24. Use written directions and map to find destination

25. Read and write messages related to work

26. Read and use the "TV Guide"

27. Write short story or poem

28. Use bus/Metro schedule

29. Read newspaper or magazine article

30. Read Bible or other religious material

31. Read and respond to a bill

32. Read and follow a recipe

33. Others: (List)