ESL Program

Personal Learning Goals


For reference only—Please do not return this list with your quarterly report.

Self and Community

1. Reply to request for personal information (name, address, phone number, social security number)

2. Read/write own name, address, phone number, social security number

3. Ask for and tell time

4. Read a calendar

5. Find name in telephone directory

6. Use the telephone

7. Phone 911 emergency

8. Record and write simple telephone message

9. Read and interpret food labels

10. Identify names and value of U.S. currency

11. Determine correct change for purchases

12. Describe ailments/symptoms

13. Read labels/directions on medicine bottles

14. Use map to find destination

15. Read traffic signs and street names

16. Ask for location of items in a store

17. Use bus/Metro schedule

18. Ride bus/Metro to destination

19. Read Bible or other religious material

20. Read newspaper or magazine article

21. Read a bill

22. Write money orders or checks

23. Get a driver's license

24. U.S Citizenship exam



25. Read to children

26. Help children with school work

27. Speak with school personnel

28. Read/write notes to/from child's school



29. Fill out a job application

30. Read work-related materials

31. Fill out work forms/reports

32. Pass a work-related test