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Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, Inc.
2855 Annandale Rd., Falls Church, Virginia 22042 
(703) 237-0866

Our Programs

The Literacy Council currently operates the following educational programs:

Basic Literacy Program

Provides instruction to adults who need to develop their basic reading and writing skills.  This is the only County-wide program specially designed to work with adults who read below the fifth grade level. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Teaches foreign born adults to read, write, speak and understand English, placing emphasis on the day-to-day skills needed to survive in a new culture. 

ESL Learning Centers:

Located in Alexandria and Fairfax County, these centers are each equipped with four to seven computers and offer a combination of classroom instruction and self-paced, computer-assisted instruction.   Two beginning-level ESL classes are offered at each center for four ten week semesters. 
Computer Lab Schedule and Information

Special Projects

In the many years of the Councilís existence, we have developed strong roots in the community. Not only do our volunteers tutor individually, but they also can be found taking part in many of the Councilís events and projects. 

Community Outreach Projects

Volunteers may participate in community outreach projects such as tutoring in jails, homeless shelters, senior centers and in the workplace. 

Dictionary Project
Through the generosity of individual donors and Modern Publishing in New York, the Literacy Council is able to provide a free copy of the New Concise Webster's Dictionary to each of its students. 

Learning Disabilities Project

Our reading specialist screens students for learning disabilities and then works with their tutors to develop a curriculum suited to each student's individual learning style.

Vision Screening Project 

A partnership with area optometrists and optical stores provides free vision screening and low cost optometric services to Council students. 

Volunteer and Student Orientations 

The Literacy Council offers orientation workshops for new students and prospective volunteers, providing information on programs and an opportunity to meet with volunteers, students, and staff members. 

Word Processing/Keyboarding Class 

The Literacy Council provides an introduction to word processing and basic  keyboarding to its students. 

Web Site (nova-literacy.org) 

As one of the first literacy programs in the country to have a web site, the Council's site has grown to become a useful information resource for its members and the general public.  The site includes information on Council programs, events, and educational resources.  Special thanks to Netresponse for making this possible. 

Special Events 

The Literacy Council  hosts a number of special recognition events throughout the year for its volunteers and students.  These include the annual meeting, holiday party, student picnic, student publication party, office volunteer luncheon, and Trainer/Placement Advisor picnic. 

Student Essay Publication

Each year the Literacy Council publishes a book of essays written by Council students. The most recent addition, Our Lives, Our Stories, contains writings from 30 students who share their thoughts and personal experiences through stories, poems and personal histories. This publication is made possible by a grant from the Southland Corporationís Read to Achieve Program. 

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