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     Local Literacy Sites

  • Literacy Volunteers of America-Washington, DC: The Washington, DC affiliateof Literacy Volunteers of America, a non-profit organization that provides free tutoring to adults who cannot read.
  • Calvert County Literacy Council: Calvert County Literacy Council supports literacy in Calvert County, Maryland. They provide one-on-one basic literacy tutoring to adults over 18 years old who are residents of Calvert County and adjacent counties. They also provide one-on-one tutoring to adults in Graduate Equivalent Diploma (GED) and External Diploma programs.
  • Literacy Council of Montgomery County: The Literacy Council of Montgomery County is a non-profit organization that works with Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language students on a one-to-one basis. They offer training workshops and volunteer opportunities.
  • Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center: This site has information and additional links that deal with issues of education and literacy in the State of Virginia.
  • Washington Literacy Council:The Washington Literacy Council trains tutors to work with adults in the Washington DC area. This site has information about their programs and services.
  • Prince George's County Literacy Council
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     National Literacy Sites

  • New Readers Press: Order products and obtain information from New Readers Press, the publishing division of Laubach Literacy.
  • Laubach Literacy International: A national literacy organization that certifies trainers and provides instructional materials and support.
  • National Center on Adult Literacy: This site offers a description of NCAL's programs and a comprehensive and searchable database of their publications (available for downloading). The sites also offers a variety of links to other organizations and resources on the Web.
  • Adult Literacy and Technology Network: The Adult Literacy & Technology Network is a national effort dedicated to finding solutions for using technology to enhance adult literacy.
  • National Center for Family Literacy: A non-profit organization that supports family literacy services for families across the United States through programming, training, research, advocacy, and dissemination.
  • NCRVE: As the nation's largest center for research and development in work-related education, NCRVE's mission is to strengthen education to prepare all individuals for lasting and rewarding employment and lifelong learning.
  • National Institute for Literacy: NIFL offers a variety of resources on literacy issues. They feature information on conferences and forums nationwide. They also offer resource directories, newsletters, and articles available to download. They have chat-lines on many topics including workplace literacy, learning disabilities, and family literacy.
  • The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN): This resource has a large collection of links to national and international literacy organizations. They also possess other resources on ESL programs and distance learning. They offer interactive on-line lessons for adult learners. They also offer a "subscriber-only" area where members can search and download informationon many areas from legislation to grants and jobs.

  • A web site just for Adult Education Teachers with many resources including lesson plans and instructional links.

  • Read Right: This program is dedicated to increasing workforce literacy, to helping students struggling with reading,and to helping learners of English as a Second Language.

  • Evelyn Renner & Associates: This site provides innovative materials, workshops and support to community-based literacy providers, library-based literacy providers, business and industry.
  • Literacy Assistance Center: The Center is a New York City based nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, training, and referrals to local literacy programs. The site includes sample lesson plans and ideas on incorporating technology into lessons. It contains recent newsletters, literacy publications, and a section on jobs in literacy.
  • PBS Literacy Link: Provides information for adult learners and educators using online interactive materials and computer technologies with videos.
  • Minnesota Literacy Council:Provides links for tutors.
  • The Adult/Continuing Education portion of this sites continues comprehensive information on the issue and many links to other resources.
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     International Literacy Sites

  • Literacy Resource from Melbourne Australia: This is a site for both students and teachers of Adult Literacy& English Language Education. If you're a teacher there is a link for a serious--but enjoyable--exploration of local & international Webpages, moos, zines and personal scribblings related to adult literacy andESL.
  • Literacy Now: An Australian newsletter, published bi-monthly, providing news and information about literacy programs, policies, and activities within the country. It also gives examples of good practices in the literacy fields, encouraging practitioners to review what they do.
  • Intercultural E-Mail ClassroomConnections: The IECC lists are provided by St. Olaf College as a free service to help teachers and classes link with partner schools around the world . Gather e-mail addresses and connect to other classes for pen-pals and project exchanges.
  • With One Stone EducationalServices: This site offers an adult literacy grammar series that combines Canadian content with instruction for writing skills for Adult Basic Education(ABE) students.
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  • U.S. Department of Education: The Departmentof Education's web page has tons of information and resources for teachers,researchers, and program managers. They offer on-line assistance in browsing of their site. The site also contains valuable information for project managers on grants, government and legislative initiatives, contracts,and other funding opportunities.
  • Educom: This site has links to an extensive collection of higher education information technology materialsassembled on the Web.
  • ERIC/REC: This site linksto the large archive of information on education and other literacy resources. It is dedicated to providing educational materials, services, and coursework to everyone interested in the language arts. You can download articles of research as well as updated policy information.
  • National Clearinghouse for ESL LiteracyEducation (NCLE)
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English as a Second Language

  • Dave's ESL Cafe: This creative and fun site is for both ESL teachers and students. The designer, Dave Sperling, is an ESL instructor at California State University. His site features interactive quizzes, a graffiti wall, student and teacher e-mail exchange, and a help center. Questions about grammar, writing, vocabulary, and phonics can be answered quickly by teachers from around the world. This site also offers additional links to other resources, and a chance to shop for literacy software.
  • ESL Internet Address Book: Looking for someone? Good news? Contact other ESL students worldwide at this site.
  • ESL Home Page: Link here to find information on English as a Second Language Resources. Find new software and classroom ideas!
  • Frizzy University Network: Come to the relaxed and fun atmosphere where students learning English as a Foreign Language can improve their writing and share their ideas, opinions, and feelings in English.
  • National Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL):At this site you will find information about the organization and its current projects. They have information on current research and services in literacy and language education. They cover areas such as curriculum, material development, evaluation, test development, professional development, evaluation, and technical assistance. CAL also contains two Clearinghouses: The Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics (ERIC/CLL) and the National Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education. These can be browsed on-line and most information can be downloaded.
  • ESL Magazine Online: Bi-monthly magazine for ESL professionals.
  • National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education: Online library, e-mail discussion groups, news, success stories.
  • EFLWeb (from English as a Foreign Language Magazine): Online magazine for those teaching and learning English as a foreign language.

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Lessons and Tutorials

  • Math Forum: Need some help with math? Need some teaching ideas? Come check out this site and find innovative techniques to teach math.
  • With One Stone EducationalServices: This site an adult literacy grammar series combining Canadian content with instruction for writing skills for Adult Basic Education (ABE) students.
  • PBS Literacy Link: This site provides information for adult learners and educators using online interactive material and computer technologies with videos.
  • Minnesota Literacy Council: This site provides links for tutors.
  • Literacy Assistance Center: The Center is a New York City-based non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, training and referrals to local literacy programs.  The site includes sample lesson plans and ideas on incorporating technology into lessons.  It also contains recent newsletters, literacy publications and a section on jobs in literacy.
  • ESL and Bilingual Education: This site has teaching tips and lesson plans for ESL teachers to use in elementary and secondary schools.
  • The Internet TESL Journal: This monthly web journal has articles, research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas and links for teachers of ESL. 
  • Pizzaz! A Resource for Scribblers and Teachers of ESL: Pizzaz! provides simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities with copyable handouts for use with students of all ages.
  • Educational Resources in ESL: This site has lesson plans, links and resources for K-12 ESL teachers.
  • English for Internet: This site features free internet "classes" for ESL students and materials for teachers.
  • English Learner: This site has tests, exercises, and games for ESL students and resources for teachers.
  • English Zone: ESL students learn idioms, verbs, spelling, etc. through exercises, games, and jokes at this site. Teacher resources available.
  • CNN San Francisco: This site allows you to use CNN related news stories for educational purposes. Teachers can use different lessons for group activities and students can check out the "Feature Story" at their own pace.
  • Arlington County Library:This is the Arlington County Public Library's main site. It has links to Internet tutorials and a search engine for various topics.
  • Easy Type: An online typing tutor similar to the Mavis Beacon software available in the Literacy Council's Computer Learning Centers.
  • Actden: A tutorial program for the Microsoft Office suite and related products.
  • Merit Audio Visual: Develops ESL, grammar, writing, and math software for the secondary and adult education markets.
  • AutoSkill International:Provides software-based literacy interventions for students of any age and ability.
  • Tutorsystems: Provides software for 7th grade through adult students to master basic skills in reading, grammar, and math.
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Close Up Foundation - Student Links

Welcome Close Up Foundation students! 

Some of you have expressed interest in finding some ESL programs over the internet.  Please go to our Lessons and Tutorials section.

I know a lot of you are interested in finding local literacy organizations in your area.  If you are interested in volunteering or getting help for a friend or family member, please contact your state organization.  For a listing of nation wide literacy organizations, please go to 


California -

California Literacy, Inc.


[email protected]


Colorado -

Adult Literacy Program of Fremont County

Canon City


[email protected]


Adult & Family Education Program

Colorado Springs



Montezuma Valley Literacy Council




Delta County Adult Literacy Program




Faith Evangelical Free ESL Learning Center

Fort Collins



Literacy Outreach

Glenwood Springs



The Literacy Center - Mesa County Public Library District Children & Adult Together

Grand Junction



Logan County Literacy Coalition




Florida -

Florida Literacy Coalition, Inc.



Association of Florida Laubach Organizations



Project L.E.A.D., Miami Dade Public Library System


[email protected]


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