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The Rewards of Tutoring

A Few Words From Our Tutors

"Tyrone now has a steady job and is ever so close to getting his driver's license. These are incredible achievements in under a year for someone whose inability to read has been a major deterrent for his entire life. The pride and increased self image Tyrone has achieved as a result of these accomplishments has been inspiring for me."
Chris Tragakis
Basic Literacy Tutor

"Victoria was never taught to read or write despite the fact that she is intelligent, enthusiastic, gracious, and studious. She has advanced rapidly during weekly sessions, independent studies, and weekly homework. She can write quite a beautiful letter now. Her math has become quite good. She has managed to turn her life around, which as a mother is important. She has a job now and has been able to arrive at enough independence to live at Guest House instead of the shelter."
Linda Jane Roberts
Basic Literacy Tutor

I have been tutoring Fatima for about three months now. Iím always amazed at how bright she is and how well sheís progressing. Tutoring is not only personally rewarding, but itís also challenging and a great way to develop my creative and communications skills.
Carol Cohen
ESL Tutor

The Literacy Council has given me the opportunity to teach as well as to learn. Garth is an outstanding student. His attitude and willingness brighten my day.
Dana Phillips
Basic Literacy Tutor

More than anything, Alice and I have fun learning. The rewarding part of teaching Alice is her enthusiasm for learning. This has spilled over to her two daughters, 7 and 4, who are avid readers and enjoy reading to me!
Gail Bamford
Basic Literacy Tutor

Student Success Stories

Ian, at age 29 is learning to read. And as a result, he says, "Iím a totally different person. A lot of frustration is gone now, a lot of stress." Ian dropped out of school in the eleventh grade, and, after entering our program started his own business. As owner of a limousine service, Ian attributes a good deal of his success to learning how to read, an activity he enjoys sharing with his two young children. "I love words," states Ian, "I wish Iíd started reading earlier." Ianís inspirational life story was featured in the Washington Post Magazine on May 28, 1995.

Zainab, a Somali born in South Yemen, arrived in the United States as a refugee with her husband and two sons. Since entering our program in 1990, Zainab has obtained a child care providerís license, her driverís license and her green card. Zainab states, "Since coming to the Literacy Council, my life has gotten better. Finally, I say I am proud to be in this county which gave me and my family the opportunity to live in dignity and freedom and to practice my human rights. My goals are to learn how to read and write English and join those who care about the development of this great country."

Bobby Joe, has been a student with the Literacy Council since 1991. Before Bobby Joe enrolled in the Basic Literacy program, he had received a total of three monthís schooling. "My family moved a lot," says Bobby Joe, "and it was embarrassing to be 10 or 12 and go to the first grade. My father told me that I didnít have to go to school." Learning reading, writing and math skills have opened new doors for Bobby Joe. "Itís a joy to be able to sit down at the table and study my lessons," he says. Bobby Joe takes great pleasure in writing letters to his family and friends. He has written his autobiography, "Gypsy In the Holy Spirit" and got his high school diploma.

To read more about our students, check out our student essay publication Cherish Who You Are, Cherish What You Have, which contains writings from almost 50 students who share their thoughts and personal experiences through stories, poems and personal histories. This publication is made possible by a grant from the Southland Corporationís Read to Achieve Program.

A Few Words From Our Students

"My reading and writing has improved over a short period of time. Pixie's teaching strategy and technique are very unique and special. She has a very special gift in her, which is very nice and makes me feel very good from the inside out."
ESL Student

"Before I met Chris I had a big problem reading and writing and I was embarrassed because I had that problem. Now I feel good about myself. Chris has helped me a lot. He has taught me how to read and write and to get my driver's license and to read a map. And he takes his time with me doing my work."
Basic Literacy Student

"Mary has been a great tutor. She is also a great friend who has understood my needs as a student and she has done everything a tutor can do to help me learn how to write and read English as my second language."
ESL Student

"Catherine has gone all the way. On her free days she has taken Michelle on outings, often stopping at a bookstore where Michelle then could choose a book, which they would read in their reading sessions once every week."
Mother of Basic Literacy Student

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